Our loyal readers have compelling reasons for owning this book. Here are the top seven:  
1. For Chatfield's crisp and descriptive first-hand accounts of the Western Theater of the Civil War
2. For specifics on Chatfield's friends and acquaintances in the 113th Illinois  
3. For details of the Confederate prisonsAndersonville, Savanna, Millen, and Florence
4. For the trove of comprehensive research, the notes, index, and detailed references
5. For the informative narrative,  artistic typography and informative maps--a special place on the coffee table
6. For the Chatfield family history-- 
     in Middlefield, Ohio
     in Kankakee, Illinois and
     in Littleton, Colorado
7. For a perfect gift to a friend or loved one
    Chatfield's 3-year tour in 4-minutes
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Top Seven Reasons

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